Recovering From A Dental Implant – What You Can Expect

Whether you’ve recently had dental implant surgery in Ellicott City, or if you’re just interested in replacing missing teeth with this permanent option, you may be wondering about the recovery process.

Dr. Kim uses the latest advanced techniques and technology to reduce the invasiveness of dental implant surgery for patients in Font Hill, Dunloggin, Normandy and Autumn Hill. However, dental implants are still a surgical procedure and you will need to take the proper steps to recover. Here’s what to expect if you are recovering from dental implant surgery:

Dental Implant Recovery Time

Typically, it takes about 5-7 days after implant surgery until a patient will be pain free with no bleeding or sensitivity. At this time, you should feel as if you can put normal pressure on the implant site.

Note, however, that this timing can vary based on your overall health, and how many implants have been placed, as well as any other related procedures like sinus lifts, bone grafting, or tooth extractions.  

The process of “osseointegration”, however, takes longer. This is the process by which the implant bonds with your bone and gum tissue to become permanently attached. Osseointegration takes about 3-6 months to complete.

What To Do On Your First Day After Surgery

First, if Dr. Kim gives you any special instructions, make sure you follow them. Otherwise, these general tips apply:

Keep your gauze packs in place by biting down for at least an hour after surgery. Don’t change them within this time unless you experience heavy bleeding. After this, you can change them out about every 45 minutes, as they become saturated with blood and stop absorbing it. You will likely have the following symptoms:

  • Oozing and persistent bleeding
  • Swelling around the gum
  • Pain and discomfort (prescription medication will usually be issued for 1-2 days to help you cope with this)

This is all normal. You should only notice these symptoms for about 2-3 days. Other symptoms you might notice include dry lips, a sore throat, bruising and discoloration around the surgical site, and stuff jaw muscles.

You should eat a diet of soft foods, and alternate the side of the mouth that you are chewing on.  Avoid checking directly on your implant(s) if possible, and don’t eat hard, sticky, or excessively spicy foods, which may cause discomfort.

You can brush your teeth normally, but be gentle. Rinsing with salt water can also help keep your mouth clean, but avoid spitting with excessive force, as this could rupture stitches in your mouth, if present.

Follow These Tips – And Recover From Your Procedure Quickly!

If you know what to do on the days following your dental implant surgery, you’ll be able to get back in action quickly, and you’ll feel great within about a week. If you notice significant pain and discomfort after a week, contact Dr. Kim for a follow-up appointment.

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