The Benefits Of Seeing A Family Dentist

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Ellicott City, Pinnacle Family Dental is a comfortable, upbeat dental office that will make you and your family feel right at home. Dr. Kim is an experienced family dentist, and he has years of experience treating children and adults of all ages. From infants to grandparents, we treat the whole family at our office near Font Hill, Dunloggin, Normandy, and Autumn Hill.

What makes a family dentist so unique? Here are a few benefits you and your loved ones will enjoy with family dentistry from Dr. Kim:  

1. Family Dentists Can Treat Patients Of All Ages

This is the main difference between family and general dentists. Family dentists usually offer the same basic preventive and restorative dentistry services as general dentists, such as teeth cleanings, oral exams, periodontal care, and other treatments. However, a family dentist can treat you and your children at any age, and continue offering great care as your family grows and your dental needs continue to evolve and change.

2. You’ll Have A “Dental Home”

A dental home is important for young children. As your kids see the same dentist for six-month oral exams and teeth cleanings, you and your family will develop a relationship with your dentist, which leads to better, more informed care.

When you come to Pinnacle Family Dental for preventive dentistry in Ellicott City, we’ll learn more about your entire family to ensure that you always get the treatment you need. In addition, seeing the same dentist from a young age helps your kids become more familiar with dental appointments and reduces the risk that they will develop dental anxiety in the future.

3. You’ll Build A Long-Term Doctor-Patient Relationship

Some general dentists don’t treat children, and some pediatric dentists don’t treat older teens or adults. By choosing a family dentist capable of treating kids and adults of all ages, you’ll build a doctor-patient relationship that will last a lifetime.

At Pinnacle Family Dental, get informative care throughout every part of your child’s life from teething to orthodontic consultations as a teenager or pre-teen. Dr. Kim prides himself on providing relationship-based dentistry and personalized care for each patient.

Visit Our Office and Find Your New Dental Home In Ellicott City!

Whether you’re new to the area, you’re a new parent, or you’re just interested in switching dentists, the team at Pinnacle Family Dental would love to meet you! We’re always accepting new patients of all ages at our practice. For more information and to set up an appointment with Dr. Kim, contact us at (410) 461-3747, or come to our office at 9275 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 103, Ellicott City, MD 21042. We’ll see you soon!

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